First 50 DJ Techniques You Should Know by DJ Hapa BOOK

First 50 DJ Techniques You Should Know by DJ Hapa BOOK

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This book is perfect for beginners and also pros who are looking to have a reference manual on their journey! 

From old-school vinyl records to today's all-digital music platforms, the modern DJ has a huge variety of choices and information to navigate.

Look no further than this unique book and video reference guide by seasoned pro DJ Hapa, who provides a wealth of insider tips, tricks, and techniques for DJs of all skill levels, covering topics such as:

  • DJ controllers
  • CDJs and vinyl
  • choosing gear
  • beats, bars & phrases
  • inputs/outputs
  • using FX
  • basic scratching
  • sampling and looping
  • transitions
  • manual beatmatching
  • and more! 

Includes over two hours of video tutorials with DJ Hapa and two bonus audio tracks for scratching.

Video and audio are accessed online using the unique code inside the book and can be streamed or downloaded. The audio files include PLAYBACK+, a multi-functional audio player that allows you to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right.